Normal!? Please.

Finally got my labs back from my doctor’s appointment. I thought I might have a Vitamin D deficiency. Healthy range for Vitamin D is 32-100. Any lower than 32 and you’re DEFINITELY deficient and need to have a prescription or follow up or whatever.

Mine is 32.

She says that’s normal. It’s the LOWEST threshold. According to the Vitamin D counsel, I want to be at LEAST at 50, preferably closer to 60 – and that it’s worse if I have (omgz guess what) hypertension (!), an autoimmune disease (!!), or depression (!!!). Vitamin D deficiency is actually linked to all of that.

So guess what I’m getting at the store today? D3. Not even a joke.


Right now, I’m at home. I should be at the adoption fair, pimping my kittens, but I had a big seizure there. I’ve been taking steroids since Tuesday. I’m on day 5 of 6. You’d think I’d be all better. But I’m not. My back is hurting like a bitch right now. So is my wrist. So is my elbow. So is my ankle. So are my knees.

I’m so pissed! Super pissed! But what am I gonna do about it, you know? I guess I’ll call my doctor on Monday, again. Be like, “Hi, Doc! I was doing great the first couple of days on the higher dose of steroids, and now I’m hurting like a mofo again! Can I have some more pain relief please? Or do I have to go to the hospital? I kinda hate doing it, but I’ll do what I have to.”

*sigh* I’m so tired of feeling like my doctors don’t hear me. It’s like they listen, but they don’t understand. Or worse, that they’ve heard things so many times that they lack empathy and just kind of shrug things off…

It’s just so weird WANTING to go to the hospital every day. So bizarre WANTING a Solumedrol IV… but I guess that’s what this disease does to you. You learn what makes things better, and sometimes you learn that the best thing you can do is just submit… There are medicines they can give you at the hospital that you cannot give yourself at home. They can make the pain STOP, and it’s WORTH it sometimes.

I’m losing my patience with these seizures and this relapse. Funny thing about health though, you can rage all you want, it’s gonna do what it’s gonna do. So you just gotta roll with it.

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