Vegas, baby! Vegas!

Just got back from a great time in Vegas with family and friends. Who would have thought a girl with MS and a seizure disorder would be able to hang out on the strip with friends for 3 days straight?

Couldn’t have done it without Adam and without the aid of loads of meds, but I had SO much fun!

Apparently, now I can handle karaoke no problem, which is FANTASTIC because it means I can go out and have a social life at night again! (You have NO idea how much I’ve missed that!) I also know better than to look directly into a sea of slot machines… (Yeah, you don’t look directly at Medusa’s eyes either. Trust me on both of these things.)

Funny thing – I can walk through a casino floor no problem now, but I still can’t ride down the strip without seizures from photo-sensitivity thanks to some of the plasma billboards up there. THANKS, MANDALAY BAY! I was teasing about how they should “have a law about that.” to Adam (always a joke b/c I loathe extra laws), but since there are so many epileptics on the road and so many people with latent seizure disorders, he actually thought it was something that should be on the books. Considering he had to catch me umpteen times, I have no idea WHY he’d have that opinion… đŸ™‚

Still, an evening on Fremont St. let me know that I am well enough to stop being scared. I’ve spent too many evenings at home for fear of seizing in public. Now I know I’m going to have seizures. I just need to be with friends who I can hug! That way no one notices them. đŸ™‚

Nothin like a little problem solving.

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