Home Sweet Not-Really-Home

I’m in Henderson, hanging out at my parents’ house (I say not-really-home b/c this is not where I grew up). I love this place even more than I used to, though, now that I have my new concerns.

I wish everyone with MS had a house like this – all the rooms except the bedrooms are in the middle of the house and none of them have doors. Open one-story floorplan = much easier to get around!

Things with Adam are really great. He’s at home while I’m here, and we’re both relaxing. I know we’re secure in our relationship b/c we don’t have to be on the phone or IM all the time, but when we are, it’s very sweet. I feel really stable and safe with him, and I’m so excited that I’m doing better because it means we can do things together that we used to love doing regularly – like walking to a park and talking and swinging on the swingset and whatnot. Besides, I’m sure Brisco will be very excited to go on more walks too. 🙂

As for my health, things are pretty fantastic right now. I am only having seizures after 9 at night and those mostly only occur if I forget to take my pills on time. I’m in remission w/ my MS, and the weather has been so great that I haven’t had to deal with any numbness/tingling/serious pain in several days!

The thing that’s surprising to me is this: The better I get, the more I *really* want to take the bar exam. I mean, about a year ago, I prepared for this test HARDCORE before being put in the hospital. Whether I end up working as an attorney or not, I want to be licensed so I can say that I’m an attorney, since I’ve done ALL the work to get there except taking the test.

I know I’ve said on my other journal that I’m so happy to be done with law, I can’t even express it — and that’s true — but if I was willing to invest that many thousands of dollars in education and in prep for the test, to threaten orderlies and nurses at the hospital to get my books, and to have to be given heavy medication to stop studying, I probably *really* wanted to pass that test before all this happened.

Thus, now that I’m feeling better and remembering all that, test prep for July begins soon. Maybe even today if I feel like it, but I’m trying to enjoy this time with the family as a vacation from stress and my obsession with working. (Hey, I know myself.)

I hope you’re all doing well. Don’t forget, the MS Walk is coming up!

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