MS WALK 2009!

I know I haven’t been pimping the MS Walk this year enough, but there’s one month left – so I figure I ought to put some oomph into it.

Join the team!!! You will be signing up not just for a day of fun with some totally awesome people, but also for exercise and the satisfaction of knowing that you’re helping to find a cure for MS *and* my bitching AT THE SAME TIME. Win, win – seriously. 🙂

If you’re elsewhere or simply not game to walk with me, Adam, duckierose, weiskind, gethenix, and abitbattyhere, you can always do what nonaweisbaum has done. Join the team, fundraise from WHEREVER you are, and have it go to our team’s effort.

Keep in mind, I will be walking with a ton of ice-packs in my backpack because I don’t want to raise my body temperature too much, and I’m really hoping to make it all the way through the walk this year. Then again, there’s nothing saying we actually *have* to walk if we don’t want to or if the weather sucks. The point is to show solidarity and raise money and awareness. Exercise with friends is just a plus.

Want to know how proceeds from the MS Walk are used or other ways you can get involved in the fight against MS, please visit The National MS Society Website.

Click here to visit my personal page and either donate or join my team.

Click here to view the team page for MStery Walking Theater 3000 to see our awesomeness as it unfolds.

Any help you can give, including just forwarding this info to friends and family is much appreciated. I want this disease GONE.

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