Bracelets – The Paige

First and foremost, a big thank you to garphoto for his help with taking pictures of these bracelets!

This bracelet is named after my good friend paigeriffic. She told me her favorite colors were rainbow colors and turquoise. I made this bracelet as a Christmas present that she just hasn’t received yet. (Yes, I can procrastinate that much.)

Here you see the “imagine” circle – one of the options for people who don’t want to attach the bracelet to a medical tag.

This bracelet is $20 including an imagine circle and shipping.

For those of you who want medical tags as well, the cost is $40, which includes engraving.

Comparable bracelets are available at other retailers for $80+

All of my bracelets are made with elastic so that you can slip them on or off of your wrist if you have a hard time with the clasps. I have several sizes of clasps available. Regular size is shown, but I also have bigger ones for people who prefer clips that are easier to grip.

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