Hey, my blog is just like my brain! :)

I tried to update and ended up losing all of my posts. Thanks to the powers that be, Google had most of my posts cached!
It’s so funny to me how much like computers our brains are “on MS.” We can have all the data in the world, but when you suddenly can’t access it, you freak out! Just like the intertubes of world wide webbie place, our brains go “OOPS! 404! FILE NOT FOUND!”
Fortunately, just like me, our brains *usually* find a way around it. It just takes a while. :) Today, it took 5 hours. You want a good blog post from me anyway??? Gah. Fine.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you but one piece of advice gleaned from today’s nearly tragic mishap. BACK YOUR STUFF UP! I don’t care if it’s computer files, your cell phone (You know, the one that keeps telling you to take your medicine!), your personal to-do list, the groceries you know you need to buy but haven’t yet written in list form, or even making sure you always have at least 1 pair of clean underwear, you have GOT to make sure you’ve got a backup.
And that’s really all I’ve got today. Shameful, I know, but my momma is in town, and frankly she’s more important than blogging. (Shh! Don’t tell anyone!) I don’t get much time with her, and I love her lots – so it’s off to either the mall or the park to spend some “quality time.”
Ciao for now, bellas.

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