A Time For Everything

You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have….
A blog update!
Seriously, did you think I was watching reruns of the Facts of Life? (I so would if they were being aired!)
So yesterday, I felt *awful* most of the day. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what was wrong. I decided that I must be sick. Blankets, tea, wool socks, the works… the constant worry of, “Oh crap, am I going to have a relapse???”
Anyway, there was GOOD REASON for me to feel like a big bag of yuck yesterday. I FORGOT MY MEDICINE THE NIGHT BEFORE! Not the Copaxone, mind you – just the rest of them… the anti-seizure meds and birth control, most importantly.
The good news is that I still didn’t have any seizures! That means that the Lamictal is up to a therapeutic dose in my bloodstream! No more going up on it! Yay!!!
This morning I woke up late and am already an hour and a half behind on my meds. It’s like subconsciously I *want* to feel bad. :-/ You’d think after 6 months that taking pills on the 9’s would be habit. *shrug*
Other than setting alarms (which I already have on my cell), do you all have any other suggestion to make sure I take my meds? I keep missing the appropriate time – like opening the container, getting the water, and then getting totally distracted. I’m thinking about a second alarm an hour later saying “Did you take your meds?” *shrug*
Oh yeah, and we have a new kitty. This one’s name is Phoenix and he’s about a year old, and is a bit of a scardy cat around the dog, but he’s SO sweet when Brisco’s not around.
Pictures and whatnot are on the way! HAPPY CATURDAY!

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