Oh my gosh, it finally happened!

It’s like I *do* have a blog that I keep up! :)
Just updated the Daily and Weekly stuff. Today’s Waste of Time *seriously* cracks me up. You need to click “Spray” at least 3 times to see the majesty of the silliness on that site.
Soon Picture of the Day will be pictures that I take. (OMG, what a concept!) I’m just sorely missing graphic editing software at the moment, and I’m too hoity-toity for GIMP. (Ok, too lazy. I really liked Photoshop CS2, and I have it on my old computer. I just can’t find my installation CDs for this system.)
As for medical stuff (you know, that thing you probably come here to read about…): I’m on day 2 of no Keppra at night, and I am LOVING it. No more crushing sluggishness in the day, no more nightmares at night, and it’s like a fog has cleared in my brain. CLEARLY, Keppra and my body did not like one another.
So – 2 days of NO seizures, NO nightmares, and minimal discomfort from MS. It’s amazing! I didn’t remember I could be in such a good mood. :-D It’s just awesome.
Hope you all are having a great weekend too!

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