I’m still here, I swear!

It’s been WAY too long between blog updates — the reason for that? Scheduling.
Picking up Foster Kitties: Dec. 20th
My birthday & first day of Chanukkah: Dec 21st
Birthday recovery: Dec. 22nd
Dad and my brother visiting: Dec 23-24th
Christmas (obviously): Dec. 25th
Kitten Adoption Fair: Dec. 27th
I’m so happy – all of the kittens we’ve fostered were adopted today! For one week with REALLY scared kittens, that was a huge big deal for us.
Monday, we take them to the vet to get neutered and they go home with their new families. I’ll miss the sweeties, but not too much. I’m sure we’ll have more babies sometime soon, and if not, I am very happy with my dog and my boyfriend. I like being a kitten babysitter, though. :)
Stuff with the MS and Seizure Disorder has been BLISSFULLY minimal. On Jan 1st, I am coming off of Keppra for good. (Thank goodness!) I hope that will signal the end of my seizure disorder messing with me.
Of course, what good would a wonderful week be if it didn’t have awful surprises too. On Monday, we had 2 working cars. As of today, we have 0. Adam’s radiator or a hose leading to it has busted. My Prius’s battery is toast, so we can’t even get it into neutral to roll it around back. (Fun.) On the bright side, I can’t drive anyway, so if we get at least 1 working, we’re good to go.
So – how were (are) your holidays?

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