So very, very tired… but it was SO worth it.

Officially, I used all my spoons yesterday AND all of today’s spoons yesterday. I feel like I got run over by a tractor in my sleep.
Fortunately, it was *so* worth it. I got to clean up my whole house (dishes and all!), meet with the Burbank Animal Shelter Volunteers to set up my becoming a foster momma for kittens, have a lot of fun shopping for a present for Gideon, and then spend about 6 hours with some of the best friends I could ask for.
Admittedly, there were several people who were missed, but there were competing parties, and I am actually glad for the low turn out. Going from seeing 1-2 people a day, moving to being in a room with 15-20 people is a shock to the system. Unfortunately, people began taking photos, and immediately, as if given a direct order, my body began convulsing. Back to square one on the “Days without Seizure” safety sign. ;)
That being said, I want to let you know that I haven’t forgotten the purpose of this blog. It’s not just my personal account of life with chronic disease, but is also out here to help inspire others to live their lives with chronic illness well.
That being said, today’s lesson is this: Don’t forget to have fun!!!
Granted, it’s hard to get into the mood to have a good time; it’s hard to convince yourself to push yourself to take more medication or to rest up earlier in the day instead; it’s hard to confront the fears of what could happen in a social situation, and it may take a lot out of you the next day, but it’s too easy to feel sad and sorry for yourself if you don’t surround yourself with people you enjoy and let loose every once in a while. There’s enough medicine out there to keep you awake and mostly pain-free for at least an evening of boisterous conversation every now and then.
Unfortunately, no picture from last night… so instead, I give you something silly!

If only we'd had these last night!!!

If only we'd had these last night!!!

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