It is GOOD to be me today!

5 days in a row of NO SEIZURES!!!!

I’d forgotten how unobtrusive my multiple sclerosis is compared to the seizure disorder. Granted the MS caused the seizure disorder, but comparatively, I feel GREAT!

This morning, I’ve been able to do chores! (I know it sounds nuts, but when you’re mostly couch ridden, being effective is fantastic!) I did laundry, dishes, cleaned the living room AND the bedroom, and it’s only 11:30! Next thing you know, this place won’t look like an undergraduate dorm room! 🙂

Tonight is a double birthday party/holiday party for me and my friend Gideon! Hey, it’s what happens when your birthdays are within 5 days of each other and within 5 days of Chanukkah and Christmas.

Last year, before my diagnosis, Gideon and his lovely wife, Deb, made me a helmet with purple tassels and a light on top. I wore it at the MS walk last year, and it’s totally awesome.

Yay for helmet

Yay for my Birthday Helmet!!!

No idea what silliness tonight will bring, but with any luck, there will be pictures!
Happy Saturday everyone! 🙂

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