Is It Just Me?

So, I got this great email from Patients Like Me letting me know that someone in the scientific community wants to do a clinical trial of an oral MS drug.

Part of me jumped. “YAY, NO MORE INJECTIONS!!!” was my thought. But then I realized that whomever is on the treatment won’t know whether they have the real drug or a placebo… and the possibility of being on a placebo makes it just *not* worth it in my opinion.

My grandma had leukemia, and she was supposed to have 6 months to live. She lived another 12 years, due in no small part to her willingness to try experimental drugs. A large part of me thinks that being a part of a clinical trial would be great and a way to really help the MS community. The rest of me says, “Hey, still tapering down on Keppra and you’re damn near always the teeny percentage that has a negative reaction when it can happen.”

I think I’m gonna sit this round out. Do any of you think that clinical trials are the way to go? Do any of you out there have experience with them?

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