Yet another reason to love being cripple!

Adam and me at the Bean in Chicago last year

At first, I was worried about flying with my disabilities – but then I realized how *great* airline travel is when you’re disabled.
You get driven around the airport. You get through security faster. Your helper dog flies free. You don’t have to run to your next gate because they get the cart thingie. You get to get on the plane without a huge crowd of people, and you’re usually first off the plane too. Too rad.
Tomorrow, Adam and I are headed to Chicago to visit family and friends. It will be the first time I’ve ever traveled with an animal. We got Brisco a cute sweater since it’s so much colder in Chicago than in the San Fernando valley.

Last year, we didn’t know I had a seizure disorder, so I didn’t have much fun at clubs or all-night video gaming parties. Who would have known it was photosensitivity? This year, I’m properly medicated, and I’m looking forward to having a great time.
Who’s ready for some Rock Band or Karaoke? THIS girl. :)

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