Oh, baby, it’s ON!

I’ve been spending the majority of this week getting ready to go to Chicago to visit my boyfriend’s family and friends.

As many of you with MS know, that means stress & more movement – which also means fatigue. Sorry I haven’t been updating more. I’ll do my best to be more consistent.

Anyway – a friend of mine sent me a link to People’s Sexiest Men of the Year, and it just made me laugh. Most of the men, imho, aren’t all that sexy – but more than that, they’re all actors. I’m fairly certain there are hot men out there who aren’t actors. With a title like that, I expect them to do a little more research! 🙂

It got me to thinking about what makes someone “sexy” in the eyes of the world. I think one of the best qualities about having MS and/or seizure disorder is that NO ONE CAN SEE IT. If you don’t tell them, they don’t know.

So – how funny would it be to have a 20 Sexiest People with MS feature?

I’m officially throwing down that gauntlet.

Applications are now being taken to be considered for the first annual 20 Sexiest People with MS.


Please supply the following information.
Name: (Nicknames/Screennames are fine)
How long you’ve had MS & what type:
What you do: (Can be a job, hobby, etc.)
What makes you sexy:


Please include a picture no larger than 400×400 pixels, and send your submissions to fortheparking@gmail.com.

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