America’s new First Lady, Michelle Obama

Yesterday was inspiring to me. When our country elected Barack Obama, I was so thrilled to be a part of such an historic event.
Now, I know it’s probably silly of me, but a big part of why I’m glad that he got elected is his wife, Michelle.

As first lady, she can aid in the cause of finding a cure for MS, or, at the least help to make disability laws more fair to RRMS sufferers all over the country who are frequently denied benefits or aid because relapses come and go.

“[L]ike her husband, she is running on biography, suggesting that her most important qualifications are her life experiences.Daughter of a Chicago city pump operator who had multiple sclerosis, she graduated from Princeton and Harvard and juggles her job as a hospital executive with motherhood and civic work. ”
See the New York Times article here.

It’s good to know that someone in the White House knows first hand what multiple sclerosis does to families and to those of us who are living with it. Since she previously worked as a hospital executive too, that gives me an awful lot of the hope that Obama’s campaign was so famous for.

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